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SEASON: Friday 2 and Saturday 3 July 1999
SEASON: 7 & 8 and 16 & 17 July 1999
TIME: 10pm

The Civic Theatre will now continuously host LIVE music entertainment
at the Punchline Pub and Spotlight Café from Friday July 2. This move
will help alleviate musical venue problems experienced by musicians in
Gauteng. Other places to be utilised for entertainment will be the Civic
Foyers. IZINHLANYA will open the platform on Friday 2 and Saturday 3
July. They will perform their traditional Maskhanda sound for the first
time at the Civic. The band featured at the Human Rights Day on March 21
to roars of audience delight. Then on 7 & 8 and 16 & 17 July RACHEL
BANDLAKAZI GOBINCA, better known as “Sis Rachel”, will embrace our
African traditional music and belt out her delightful songs capturing
the pride and joy of the African people.

Sis Rachel was born in the Transkei at the location called Ncorha. His
father’s younger brother Mphelo Gobinco encouraged her to pursue her
musical career after discovering her talent. Mphelo discovered her
talent in a local music competition. She got a MERIT CERTIFICATE in the
final music category. She was brought up by her parents until adulthood
and then decided to heed for Gauteng looking for greener pastures and to
explore her talents. In the City of Gold, She met Dan Nkosi “Mr
Gandaganda” and worked with him on albums like “Pikinini”, “Tikoloshe”
and also worked with Lazarus Kgakgudi on albums like “Sikelela”. Later
she joined D’Rich on the album “Ziyaphenduka” just to name a few.

Through the experience she got from these different artists, she came
out with her own album produced by Dan Nkosi (“Indoda Emnyama”). It is
an Afro traditional album comprising of eight tracks. A new drive to
change attitudes towards the fight against Child Abuse through music is
one of the tracks featured on this album. She sings in Siswati, Xhosa,
and Zulu. The combination is an energetic fusion of Maskhanda, Mbaqanga
and contemporary music. Her music has got a strong African Traditional
influence merged with modern harmonies and westernised musical
instruments, while incorporating traditional instruments. Sis Rachel
will give special treatment and perform songs from her album such as
“Indyebo”, “Into Yomtu Yeyam”, “Inxhwangusha”, “Kwedini”, “Back to the
60’s and many more.

Please note: There will be performances at the above-mentioned venues
from Tuesday to Sunday between 8pm until late.

Don’t miss Sis Rachel at the Punchline!
The cover charge is R10
Please Note: any other bands interested to perform at the Punchline Pub
or Spotlight Café, Please contact Papa Mbongo or Boy Bangala at (011)

Issued by Papa Mbongo (Publicity Department)



The South African hit musical FIELA’S CHILD by Ian von Memerty has been
recorded onto CD and is distributed through Nebula BOS countrywide.

Produced by SAMA award-winner Lionel Bastos, the CD contains popular
songs from the musical like Home, Got me a plan and Good Times are

True to the style of the musical all the songs are sung and performed by
the original cast and orchestra. “The music had to capture the energy
and rhythm of Africa, but still had to express the complex variety of
emotions of the characters” explains Von Memerty. “I felt it had to
sound completely natural, because of the locations and the characters,
so there should be no hint of a Broadway pit orchestra or a
symphonic/rock band. I decided to use only woodwind, strings and
percussion. The singers also had to sing with accents so that the songs
sounded real and not imposed."

Composed by Ian von Memerty, all the orchestrations of the music were
done by Peter McLea with Janine Neethling as Musical Director, this
musical is an adaptation of the internationally best selling book by
South African author Dalene Matthee. Set in the Knysna Forests between
1865 and 1885, it tells the true story of the Koemotie family and the
Van Rooyen Family and the injustices of an immoral legal system.

FIELA’S CHILD – THE MUSICAL has just finished a run in Cape Town where
it was met with standing ovations through out its entire run. It now
moves to the Johannesburg Civic Theatre where it will premiere on the
main stage on 21 July.

The CD is available through Musica Stores or can be ordered from Nebula
BOS at (011) 790 4888 or

Tickets to see the musical at the Civic Theatre
are available from Computicket or at the theatre on (011) 403 3408.


Juan on 082 774 1129 or (011) 482 4365,
Annelien on 083 754 5726

Or visit



Having hypnotised the audience at the Winterfest with their mesmeric tripsound sharkbrother returns to the Abelarde on the 2nd of July for a joint gig (no not that kind) with A>E>B. The gig promises to be an ear opener for those searching for something to combat the standard live guitar squeal and drum thumping. Get your body down to the Abelarde and have some fun this weekend. The Abelarde Sanction is on the corner of Fulham and Ripley in Brixton Jhb, tel: 011 837 5832...

The faithful will by now know that they can expect a gig at Tings and Times from sharkbrother on every alternate weekend and this weekend is no exception. Sharkbrother will be gracing the stage form 21:00 on Sunday the 4th of July. Tings & Times is in Burnett Street in Hatfield Pretoria. Table bookings can be made on the following number - 012 362 5537.

Sharkbrother is entering a new creative phase and will be concentrating on the recording of more backing tracks following the warm reception that the "Third Set" has received. Watch this space for more or surf to for the most comprehensive guide in the world for South African music.

ICQ- 13665073

contact details for sharkbrother:
cobus -
steve savage -



Check out <> to read more about The Usual's new album.

The band will be on tour throughout July and can be seen at the following

Date   Venue   Address Contact No.

*Thursday 8th July Tin Roof Blues Main Rd,Knysna (044) 382 6870
*Friday 9th July   Tin Roof Blues Main Rd,Knysna (044) 382 6870
*Saturday 10th July Martell Blues Rhodes Union
      Rock Festival Grahamstown (021) 851 3136
*Friday 23rd July The Jam 43 deVilliers St
      Cape Town (021) 465 2106
*Wednesday 28th July The Bassline 7th St, Melville
        Johannesburg (011) 482 6915
*Friday 30th July Roxy's   Main Rd,Melville (011) 726 6019
*Saturday 31st July Y2K   Durban

Listen to Radio Algoa, East Coast Radio, KFM and OFM and 5FM next week to hear the first single in full for the first time.

Don't forget to check out <> to hear
The Usual's title track from their new album "Born In A Storm." The album is
due for release in South Africa on Monday 12th July.



More news, reviews and opinions at these great music sites:

Amuzine -
Powerzone -
Jol -



I was wondering if you could out in an ad to find out the whereabouts of Wayne Edgerton. He used to be the drummer of "Boss", and I need to get in touch with him.

Peter Hanmer



After repeated requests for the lyrics to Weeping
by Bright Blue, here they are...

I knew a man who lived in fear
it was huge it was angry
it was drawing near
Behind his house a secret place
was the shadow of the demon
he could never face.

He built a wall of steel and flame
and men with guns to keep it tame
Then standing back he made it plain
that the nightmare would never ever rise again
But the fear the fire and the guns remained.

It doesn’t matter now it’s over anyhow.
He tells the world that it’s sleeping
But as the night came round I heard
it slowly sound it wasn’t roaring it was weeping
it wasn’t roaring it was weeping.

And then one day the neighbors came
they were curious to know about the
smoke and flame
They stood around outside the wal
but of course there was nothing to be
heard at all
My friends he said we’ve reached our goal
the threat is under firm control
As long as peace and order reign
I’ll be damned if I can see a reason to explain
Why the fear the fire and the guns remained.

Is there a light can you see the light shine?
I think I’ve found a way through (Yes I’ve found a way through).
I know things have changed
but the fear remained in me
till I touched the light in you.

Say over it doesn’t matter now
it’s over anyhow
he tells the world that it’s sleeping.
It doesn’t matter now
it’s over anyhow
it wasn’t roaring it was weeping
say over not weeping.


Recorded and released by Bright Blue in 1987. One of South Africa's greatest
songs...includes instrumental references to Nkosi Sikelel' IAfrica.

Thanks to Stephen Segerman


CARTE BLANCHE (The band, not the TV programme)

Anyone know what happened to Carte Blanche (*Killer in the Crowd* ... etc)? Their debut album (with Kevin Kruger on drums) was excellent, but they didn't seem to even make ripples, never mind waves. They were damned great!! It has always bugged me that rock bands in SA who thrive on keyboards and synthesizers never get their fair share of exposure. Why is this?

Silicon 39 -


Forgotten SA Pop vs forgotten Dutch Pop

Dutch group Shocking Blue had a big hit with the original version of Venus (later redone by SA's Stockley Sisters and by Bananarama). I vaguely remember another SA version by a group who called themselves Shocking Pink. Does anybody have more info on this (especially if it's available on CD somewhere).

René Mullenders

{Editor: if anybody is interested, René has almost a full list of Pop Shop album track-listings. He hopes to post these on the Net sometime, but for the moment contact him and he will gladly e-mail a zip file to you}



A quick query from me in the middle of my procrastination on the nostalgic
submission front...back in December 1991 I was holidaying in JHB. As my wife
and I drove away from Sandton City, on the radio came a song called
something like 'Los My Uit, Ek Wil Dans' by an artiste called something like
Candy Cane. From what I could gather she may have been from the Cape, the
song had a mixed English/Afrikaans lyric, and frankly was great. Don't ask
me to categorise it, I'd been out of SA since 1986 and it took me that long
to clear my head and open up to the fact that local SA stuff was great, I
bought loads of mbaqanga that holiday...

Do you think we could track that record down? This was still at a time when
local was a synonym for shite, at least in the eyes of the music-buying
public, and all anyone wanted was Michael Jackson or basically any overseas
artiste. They couldn't see the woods for the trees...

Anyway, does anyone know what I'm talking about here and can advise me as to
whether or not the song existed in the real world, was it a figment of my
imagination, who sang it, is it available etc etc.

Yours in hope etc

Trevor Perks

PS What happened to my query re the Dynamics from about six weeks ago? Were
they too obscure?

{Editor: anyone got any info on the Dynamics?}



Here are the names of the 13 CD collection that I have. There does not appear to be a catalogue number or anything like that, it just says
"The Rolling Stones Collection 1971 - 1989".

Dirty Work
Exile on Main Street
Sticky Fingers
Under Cover
Some Girls
Emotional Rescue
Goats Head Soup
Black & Blue
Love You Live (double cd)
It's only rock & Roll
Still life (American concert 1981)
Tattoo You
Steel Wheels

A bonus cd called Collectors Edition with the following songs:

Rock and a hard place (Michael Brauer mix)
Miss You (12" mix)
Cook Cook Blues
Everything is turning to gold
Winning Ugly (London mix)
Beast of Burden (Live)
Fancy Man Blues
Harlem Shuffle (London mix)
Wish I'd never (New B side taken from terrifying)
Mixed emotions (Chris Kimsey mix)

All CDs are still in original packing with the exception of the collector's edition.

Any offers?


{Editor: This sounds like a great collectors item! Anybody interested in this superb CD collection...please contact David Rade direct or }



Jonathan "Radio Rats" Handley has a new discovery and her name is Nani.
Martie Tinanie van Niekerk was born 21 years ago. She is currently doing ART
(photography, film, painting) at the Art Academy in Klerksdorp (Cortina Interceptor City).

Available from Radium Wreckords.

{Editor: Nani has an incredible voice, similar to that of a Kate Bush or Stevie Nicks.
This is great CD with some powerful folk-rock, hard-edged songs.
Musicians include Jonathan Handley, Riaan Esterhuizen and David Pickover.

Out soon from Radium Wreckords:
From Sunset Koppie to God's Great Plain - Magic Feather
Radio Ketamine - The Radio Rats (their 5th album)
The Complete Popguns
The Complete Chaffeurs

Radium Wreckords
Suite 207
Private Bag X10



Wow - what a trip! I've been gone from Cape Town for 25 years - living in the USA - stumbled across your web page looking to see if Julian Laxton was still playing, and found all these records and bands I grew up with. "Astra" - what a classic. So where are Patrick Canovi and Metallic Sun, or HAMMAK with Keith Lentin and Mike Campbell? I see Savvy Grande's 'Suck' listed, but none of his stuff with Elaine 'Lazy' Evans and the Starkeys. Keep up this great page!!

David Goodwin

{Editor: visit the SA Rock Classics Website at }



I had been in Germany in May and bought some very good stuff, including two South African CDs: "Suck - Time To Suck" and "The Finders Keepers - Stained Glass Sun" (unfortunately, the two titles are pirates and seem to come from the States).

Last week, the books you've sent arrived here [The History of Contemporary Music of South Africa]. Thank you very much! The book is out-of-date and may be also inaccurate in places, but its great! By the way, there is no mention of "The Finders Keepers"...

Werner (from Brazil)

{Editor: visit the Finders Keepers webpage at }



The one thing about Baxtop that really upsets me is that I was too young to
appreciate them when they won that Battle of the Bands in the late 70s.
All I can rememer is Larry Amos's over-the-top afro and him singing
"There's a mama, Jo Bangles".

Nevertheless this memory had a lasting effect on me. Every now and then
Rafe Levine would play a track from their album - and it always floored me.
I vowed that if the album ever came out on CD I would not hesitate - I
would buy. The album itself is just totally brilliant. Larry and Tim were a
combination of Lynyrd Skynyrd (I would say that they out-Skynyrd, Skynyrd)
and Thin Lizzy, a guitar power house that never competed with one another.
In my humble opinion Baxtop was one of the finest bands ever.

In the early Nineties they had a couple of re-union concerts at the Tandoor
in Rockey Street. The first gig was amazing - the band was as tight as
ever and Tim and Larry shone. I vowed at that point that I would learn
that beatiful intro solo to Foxey (I've got about 50% of it down). Tim
declined the offer to play Dr Watson because he said they couldn't remember
it (I would have lent them my CD if they wanted to learn it).

But the second gig!!! Outrageous!!!! Once again the band
performed at the Tandoor and the house was packed. The opening band played
a couple of Peter Green covers - I think Tim played in this band. For
those who are interested Peter Green is very alive and very well and
available at (is anybody interested in trying to
get him out here - I certainly am).

And then Baxtop came on - they were as tight as ever playing all the old
numbers off the album as well as a couple of blues standards - with Larry's
pseudo-American humour punctuating each tune. I don't remember them
playing Dr Watson (although they did do this song on the 94.7 broadcast - a
very disappointing gig), but Foxey once again stood out.
And then Shawn Phillips arrives and picks up Tim's "Stratelecaster" and did
a cover of Chuck Berry's "Too much monkey business". The crowd went wild.

I got all that for about R15!!! I would have paid ten times that.

I think we have the finest musicians in the world here - and I still think
that Baxtop is the best band I have ever seen live.
Perhaps we will see them perform again - I certainly hope so.

Paul Janisch

{Editor: Baxtop's webpage at }


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Radium Wreckords
Suite 207
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by Annette Carson

The first and only definitive biography of Jeff Beck - published in South Africa in January 1999 and available by mail order from the author. Trade paperback format,
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SA price R85,00, or R100,00 including registered p&p. International orders
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