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This is a discussion forum for anything about
South African rock music; past, present and future.

Read it, digest it, enjoy it, send in your comments
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"Rock" is a very general term encompassing rock and roll,
pop, folk, rock, ethnic-rock, prog-rock, jazz-rock, country-rock,
soul, R&B, metal, indie, alternative, new wave, reggae, etc, etc.

Don't get hung up...if you want to say something about the music
YOU like, go ahead, say it.

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Thought I'd use the Digest to trace the song that has been top of my
wishlist for over 20 years now!!

I'm searching for the Greg Kihn Band version of 'Roadrunner'. It was on
one of their solo albums and is on some of their compilations. If anyone
has this song in any format, please email


Stephen "Sugar" Segerman



I personally would love to get hold of Abstract Truth and Flames records. Some enterprising creative person could make some money remastering and re-releasing this type of material. Also if you are in touch with Dave Marks, ask him if he can put me in touch with Mac McCallum.

Colin MacDonald



I am looking for a source for the beautiful a capella harmonic songs which sound somewhat like the national anthem, but not the same words.
I have heard these songs done by thousands of voices in movies and I must
have a source so that I can hear them all and pick one for my special
purpose. They are almost Hymnlike and stir the soul when sung by large
numbers. It is sometimes called perhaps mbube music or the same style
written by the fellow who wrote Nkosi Sikilel'i. If you can help me find
a source for this kind of traditional African emotional music, I would
be in your debt.

Thanks, Chris Corry

[Editor: visit or

Anybody else with any ideas or suggestions for Chris?]



Janet wrote:

What has happened to Bright Blue, particularly the spectacular Daniel
Heyman who sat next to me in High School, and whose 'Weeping' I have
just heard covered by Soweto String Quartet?
The Other Band, Cape Town Band early 80's. Became Nude Red in JHB, then
what? Mick Hope Bailie, Dax and the boys, where are you and what are you
doing musically? Does anybody have an old bootleg of a live Other Band



I really enjoy reading the Rock Digest, although I really feel out of most
of it as the artists that are most talked about came on the scene after I
left there. I was into the Micky Most, Johnny Kongos and Billy Forrest
era. I also have a vague recollection of a group called the Knights.

Can you try another request for me. If anyone has a copy of Jeremy
Taylor's "Joburg Talkin' Blues/Ag Pleez Daddy" can they tape or copy onto
CD. I would also like Billy Forrest tracks from the 60's such as "My heart
and I". I will of course pay expenses etc.

Thanking you

Annette Kulas



You talked about "the late, great LM Radio" and I was wondering where there might be any tapes with recordings by the various DJs, e.g. Long John Berks, Daryl Jooste, David Davies, George Wayne, Evie Martin.....

Michael Elisseou



Re: Your review of HomeGrown - The Homegrown Band in the latest digest

Please would you tell me a little more about this band - are they from SA - Benoni?
and if so do you have an email or other contact address/number?



[Editor: visit and search for The Homegrown Band]



Candy (from Italy) wrote:

I am an old friend of Julian Laxton. Do you have any idea where I can find him? I would really like to contact him. If you can help me I would really be very grateful indeed.



Tony Groenwald, bassist and vocalist for Off The Edge wrote this in response to a rather uncomplimentary review by Nigel Walsh in a previous issue of the digest:

Thanks for the review from Nigel, happy to read that he actually listened to it,
which is more than most critics do. His comments are duly noted
and it is definitely food for thought and an inspiration to do better
next time round.

[Editor: a few tracks have already been laid down for Off The Edge's next CD, based around the topical theme of gambling.]



Listened to Phil Wright's show on Sunday night [a few weeks ago now] and was happy to hear the band "Off The Edge" plug your rock digest. It is cool that South
African bands are getting ahead and moving on, and that the are recognizing where there support is coming from.

Also to Susan Vos who wrote in about Boo!, I am a loyal fan of Boo!
and I am interested to find out how well they did in Australia, all of
their gigs are packed here and their fan base has spread so fast and wide that you can't get in to any of their shows here, last time I went my friend and I could not find 5cm to stand on, I have heard reports of this phenomenon all over S.A , I was mesmerized when I saw them first, I also brag about seeing them before they became famous. I have yet to have met a person who has not loved them at first sight. If you like them or are interested check them out at http// , you can get there songs in real audio and find the actual meanings behind the lyrics.

Craig "boo! groupie" Gibbs



Received the Trevor Rabin 'Armageddon' CD the other day from Sony SA.
It's a great soundtrack with all the usual powerful ambience, sound FX
and orchestration but with some very tasty and appropriate guitar work
too as might be expected.

Many thanks, much appreciated:)


[Editor: Gearoid won this CD as a prize on Digest number...oh I can't remember]



Argus: Thursday May 13, 1999 (Posted by Steve Murdoch)

Last Monday's superb Barleycorn line-up included Matthew Roux and
John Gnodde playing before No ID (with Nadia Scaillet) in a set that saw
howling sax-combos from Wax Tadpoles and Color-fields sax-man Ben Amato
dueting with hot find Judy Brown over beats by Ashley Reid.
As it transpired, Junglebook Vultures were unable to play and Sven Goldin's
keyboard and throaty-blues voice charmed the audience instead.
The Barleycorn continues from strength to strength at the refurbished and
acoustically-enhanced River Club, but with line-ups confirmed after
Bandstand's dead-line. Shows will start each Monday night at 8.3Opm sharp
and details can be obtained from committee member Mike Fellows on
083 2863579.

Evan Milton



We have a weekly Music column, a weekly music review, and
loads of music articles and CD reviews from SL and Y magazines.
We also have a very active bulletin board of music lovers and


chris roper



You might be interested in the following link to an article in the May edition of Sound on Sound, a recording magazine here in the UK.

It talks about Miriam Stockley, the former "Stockley Sister", and may be of some interest to your readers?

Kind regards


[Editor: excellent article and update on Miriam Stockley, go visit...]



I am sure you would like to put on your links.

I just mailed the people on the PH
discussion group about the Circus
version of Conquistador. Do you have
a review/description or anything on
it you could send me.

Sam Cameron



It seems like yesterday when in the early 70's I attended a particular HAWK IN CONCERT in the Springs Town Hall. What made that concert different was the fact that the powers that be was only willing to grant permission for Hawk to appear on stage, if the black members of the group stood off stage behind the curtains out of view of the audience.
And some still refer to that period as the "good old days" !!

I hope that someone somewhere will release the albums on CD!

Dave Malherbe



Just had to let you all know about this wonderful site. 3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project has some way to go - so it's comforting & encouraging to know that there are people keeping local contemporary music alive! Not all South African Music is what radio plays - so it's not all downhill, shallow mainstream & imported - as some of you may think. Check this out, it is a great site.

CAMA Archive
Contemporary African Music & Arts Archive
University of Cape Town
ph/fax 27-21-650-2828
PO Box 345, Newlands, 7725


David Marks
3rd Ear Music Company



Roger Lucey wrote:

In reply to Tony Groenewald's enquiry, I think I remember those Market theatre concerts. The first series was indeed with Jethro Butow on guit, Steve Spannenberg who came out of retirement to play in-fucking-credible drums and Les "the
wandering hosepipe" Goode on Bass. The Keyboard player was a chap I met
through my ex-wife, they were at UCT together and his name was, tarantaraa
(drum roll) Gerry Salendis. Gerald Proselendis is now a very high powered
journalist somewhere in the States. Luvverly piana player.

My guest on the show was my dear friend Stan James and one of the songs that
he sang ended up on the Shifty compilation "A Naartjie in our Sosatie",
which is being re-released and launched at the G/town festival.
My set was recorded onto an old two track Revox machine and appears on one
side of an album called "Half a Live", warts and all.

The next series of concerts was for me even more exciting. Called "After
the Thunder" it featured Denny Lalouette on bass, Roger Bashew on keys, Ian
Herman on drums and the a-may-zeen Issy Fataar on guit. Issy was the
youngest of the famous Fataar's but was too young to be in the Flames. He
played a Harmony guitar that was picked up for twenty bucks and he played
his shinny ass off.

In addition Eirfaan Gillan played some tenor sax. Clarrie van Niekerk and
Terri Cohen sang beautifully and Pedro Espi-Sanchis played Mbira. Lloyd Ross
recorded the show and I believe Dave Marks still has the tapes.
Alas the shows made little profit and it was around that time that the state
finally managed to step on my sorry ass.

I still play and live in Cape Town and thanks to Tony for the interest.



Previous week's question:

I Need Someone was sung by....?

Alan Garrity

And in what year was it a big SA hit?

Number 1 on the Springbok Radio charts in 1972.

The winner is Mark Gibbs who gets a copy of the 2CD set The Best Of SA Pop Volume 3 kindly supplied by Gallo. This CD features some great SA pop and rock songs from 1960 to 1990. Includes tracks by a diversity of artists such as Four Jacks and A Jill, Billy Forrest, John Ireland, Jonathan Butler, Joy, David Kramer, The Staccatos, Johnny Kongos to name but a few.

49 great nostalgic songs to bring back those memories of growing up in South Africa.

Now order the other 2 volumes from One World, Mark!



June the 2nd was the day South Africa went to the polls.

In this spirit of democracy, here are the results so far of
the South African Rock Files voting booths on the Net.

All-time great SA rock albums - The Top Ten (plus one):

Votes Title - Artist

14 A Croak And A Grunt In The Night - Rabbitt
13 Astra - Freedoms Children
13 Battle Hymn Of The Broken Hearted Horde - Freedoms Children
12 Boys Will Be Boys - Rabbitt
11 African Day - Hawk
9 On The Run - Off The Edge
7 'n Suitcase Vol Winter - Piet Botha
5 Otis Waygood Blues Band
5 Buccaneer - McCully Workshop
4 Baxtop - Baxtop
4 Trip Of Africa - Jorge Carlos

Total number of votes cast: 174 since sometime in March.

Vote for YOUR favourite SA Rock album at:


All-time great SA pop & rock songs - The Top Ten (or so):

Votes Title - Artist

11 ZX Dan - Radio Rats
9 Weeping - Bright Blue
7 Hold On To Love - Rabbitt
5 We Are Growing - Julian Laxton & Margaret Singana
5 Cry To Me - Staccatos
4 Miss Eva Goodnight - Crocodile Harris
4 You're Living Inside My Head - John Ireland
4 Special Star - Mango Groove
3 Man On The Moon - Ballyhoo
3 Tribal Fence - Margaret Singana
3 Goeie Nag Generaal - Piet Botha
3 Buccaneer - McCully Workshop
3 Blue Eyes - Springbok Nude Girls

Total number of votes cast: 159 since sometime in March.

Vote for YOUR all-time favourite SA song at:


Vote for YOUR favourite McCully Workshop album at:


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