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Due to the fact that there are more South African rock
albums available on vinyl and CD in Japan than in South
Africa, I have decided to rename this Digest,
the Japanese Ultimate Net Knowledge mail or
JUNK mail for short.

Please reset your filters to accept "junk mail", otherwise
you will not be able to receive this digest in future.

Unfortunately this does mean that all those other
unwanted e-mails will now come through again, but its a
small price to pay to rediscover the roots of
SA lock and loll.


Still, reading? Good...please note the date!

I'm taking a small break to catch up with myself, so no issue
this week. Next Thursday morning watch your mailbox for
issue number 10 of the SA Rock Digest filled with news,
reviews, interviews, nostalgia and more...


Wanna party this Easter weekend?

Here are 2 sites I recommended:

Visit Evan Milton's Gig Guide at
for what's on in Cape Town.

See ZA@Play at:
which lists Cape Town music spots and links to other major centres
around SA.

Have a great, peaceful, relaxing Easter Weekend whatever
your religion and I will see you next week.


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try to keep an open mind. (After growing up in SA in the 70s and
spending 5 years in the Army, that's not so easy!)

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